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MOBILE BILLBOARDS New York City - Why Mobile Billboards?
Focus on New York
Our vehicles have pre-existing routes that take them through key sections of New York City; providing our customers with unique access to the Big Apple.
Dedicated Routes
Your Mobile Billboards’ vehicle will have a pre-determined dedicated route through a specific area of the city helping to ensure your ad achieves the repeated exposure that is paramount to success.
Vehicle Exclusivity
One advertiser per vehicle. That’s It! No rotation, No scrolling, No shared ads. Just your ad, our vehicle and LOT’S OF CUSTOMERS.
3 Sides of the Vehicle
Our rate includes BOTH sides of the vehicle and the back. While others only give you one side. All this at our low rates. What a Deal!
GPS Verification
Customers are given online access to GPS tracking for the vehicles their ads appear on. With Mobile Billboards NYC, you’ll know where your ads are being seen at all times.
Amazing Pricing
One of the most affordable advertising outlets available. Your Mobile Billboard generates enormous exposure for minimal expense. Case in point: For similar budgets you can advertise on 1 (one) traditional NYC billboard or you can have 30 (thirty) Mobile Billboards canvassing NYC. WHAT A VALUE!
Motorists & Pedestrians
Our routes place your ad in front of both motorists and pedestrians for added impact and exposure.
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