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MOBILE BILLBOARDS New York City - Truck Side Ads Vehicle Details
Truck Side Ads: Maintenance & Storage
Our fleet of vehicles serving the greater New York City area are professional maintained and operated. The trucks are housed in a privately owned indoor parking facility when not in operation. This will protect your truck side ad from weathering and graffiti. Although normal wear and tear is unavoidable, our goal is to keep your advertising message looking clean and sharp for as long possible.
Truck Side Ads: Advertising Placement
Our truck fleet is comprised of several vehicle makes and models. However for the convenience of our advertising customers we keep all pricing consistent. With your purchase your mobile billboard will be placed on both sides of the vehicle as well as the rear gate.
GPS tracking of Truck Side Ads
All of our vehicles operate on regular urban surface routes serving various sections of the New York's five boroughs and the surrounding area. To view a sampling of our existing routes please visit our routes page. As an added service to our advertisers we provide access to our GPS system. In this way you can always know where your Truck Side Ad is at any given moment. Depending on your truck's route you may log in and see that you currently have a billboard in Times Square! Try getting a traditional billboard there at our prices.
Truck Side Ads Pricing

Pricing is dependent upon availability of a given route and other market conditions. Mobile Billboards typical accepts client campaigns with a minimum run time of three months, however, exceptions can be made under special circumstances.

Additionally, Mobile Billboards is happy to give discounts based upon number of vehicles in a campaign as well as the length of a campaign.

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