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MOBILE BILLBOARDS New York City - Vehicle Routes
Typical Truck Side Ads Routes
Our vehicles have predetermined routes throughout the five boroughs of New York City and the surrounding areas. Your Mobile Billboard will follows a similar route 5 days a week. This consistency ensures that your Truck Side Ad message will receive the repetition or "frequency" necessary for your Truck Side Ad campaign to "reach" the consumer and for the consumer to remember your advertising message and act. This predictability and repetition makes for a mobile billboards advertising campaign to yield a high Return on Investment (ROI).

Below is a sample of some of our current routes. Additionally, please click on the map to the right to see an overview of our service area.

Route #1- Downtown Battery Park to 59th st cross streets from 5th ave to 1st Ave
Route #3- Upper Westchester county from Town of New Rochelle to West. Community College Town of Valhalla
Route #4- Downtown city hall to 105th st upper manhattan crosses from 7th Ave to 1st Ave
Route #5- All areas of Queens
Route #6- Upper Manhattan 230th st and broadway to 34th st (covers west side of Manhattan)
Route #7- East to West down town 14th st to battery park
Route #8- 149th st (Bronx) to Pelham bay parkway (Bronx)
Route #9- Westchester towns! Rye, White Plains, New Rochelle, Mamaroneck, Portchester etc… and Stamford, CT
Route #10- Westchester County and the South and North Bronx
Route #13- All of the Bronx from 149th st to 233rd st east and west
Route #14- All areas of Brooklyn from Kings County to Flatbush Downtown Brooklyn
Route #15- East and West of Manhattan from 31st to 59th st from 10th Ave to Madison Ave
Route #17- All areas of Queens
Route #18- 135th st and 2nd Ave to 26th st and 1st ave (all east of Manhattan)
Route #20- All East and West of Northern Bronx
Route #21- All East and West of Northern Bronx
Route #22- All Coney Island, N.Y.
Route #23- Entire drive from the G.W Bridge to Staten Island (all Staten Island)
Route #25- All Long Island and some parts of Queens
Route #27- All Queens
Route #28- 10th ave to 2nd from 52nd st to 31st st in Manhattan
Route #29- Brooklyn and from 26th st to 96th st in Manhattan
Route #30- Lower Brooklyn Flatbush area to areas in Queens
Route #35- All East and West of Downtown Manhattan Battery park to Canal St
Route #37- All Downtown from Battery Park to 20th St East and West Sides
Route #109- Upper Westchester Bedford Hills to Ossining, NY
Route #101- Northern Bronx to White Plains
Route #115- Downtown from Battery Park to 20th st East and West Sides
Route #128- 26th st to 28th st between 8th and 10th ave
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